Grade 6 Orientation (Web Day)

August 28, 2016

We hope that everyone has been enjoying the summer months and that our new incoming grade 6’s are  well rested and motivated for their next chapter in life.  All of our grade 6 students should have been contacting by one of our grade 8 Web Leaders and also have received an e-mail in regards to the Grade 6 Orientation.  I have posted the orientation schedule below and all students are reminded that lunch will be provided and no school supplies are needed.  Please contact our school to update your phone number and e-mail address as our grade 8 Web Leaders have brought to my attention that some were not in service.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Orientation Day Schedule (Friday, September 2nd)


8:05-8:20              Registration


8:20-9:45              Opening Assembly and Floorwork


9:45-9:55              6th graders find Web Leaders


9:55-10:05            Teams move to meeting places


10:05-11:10           Web teams meet


11:10-11:25           Tour


11:25-11:55           Hotdogs and Chips


11:55-12:30           Closing Assembly

Betty Gilbert Middle School

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