Our School

Welcome to Betty Gilbert Middle School! BGMS is starting its twelfth year as a middle school serving students in Grades 6, 7, and 8. Our student population is approximately 480 students divided into 18 divisions, 6 classes at each grade level.

We work under the guidance of our the Langley School District’s Mission:
To inspire all learners to reach their full potential and create a positive legacy for the future.

BGMS is a school that encourages participation and places high value on getting involved. Students, parents, staff, and community members know that we welcome their ideas and their energy. By working together, we will ensure everyone’s success.

A school full of 10-14 year olds is bound to be an exciting, dynamic, and energetic place. We tailor our school to fit the unique needs of this age group. Our teachers are committed to encourage self-discovery, provide guidance, focus on academic growth, and respond to the social and emotional needs of our Aldergrove students to keep them connected to their education.

Betty Gilbert Middle School

26845 - 27 Avenue, Aldergrove
BC, V4W 3E6
Phone: 604-856-8178
Fax: 604-856-7831