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Our Middle School is based on the Middle School Pillars and Core Values which focuses on the student’s social emotional and academic needs. Betty Gilbert Middle School is a central transition point between our two feeder schools of Parkside Elementary and Shortreed Elementary, and with Aldergrove Community Secondary School. In order for this transition from Elementary to Secondary to be successful, our Students continue their growth and transition process from grade 6 to 8 at Betty Gilbert Middle School.

Our school is designed for students to have one main homeroom teacher like our Elementary schools in the district, which allows for a connection to be made between student, family and the school. The consistency of having one main teacher as the touch point, allows for communication and relationships to be built. Students also exit and enter through their exterior classroom doors and have access to lockers that are built into their main classrooms.

Betty Gilbert Middle School and Aldergrove Community Secondary School also have a unique working relationship, which fosters flexibility and connections. It allows for many learning opportunities as students attend Exploration classes, at ACSS, which include: foods & nutrition, drama, computers, band, metalwork, textiles, art, woodwork, physical education and inquiry. As well, there continues to be a vibrant Late French Immersion program at BGMS, which transitions into ACSS’s program. This relationship promotes not only the academics but also the social and emotional connection of a tight nit community, where students at both schools engage in and out of the classroom environment in an accepting and respectful manner, which helps the transition process to Secondary School.

Students at BGMS also have the opportunity to take part in Band with ACSS and take part in middle school sports teams such as Soccer, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country and Track & Field. We are a schools that offers an array opportunities!



Betty Gilbert Middle School

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