School Plan


As our student’s transition through the grades and are taught common reading strategies, does this common language and structure increase literacy growth?


The inability to read at grade level impacts every student. Students who can’t read at their grade level are at high risk for not completing high school.
It is crucial that all our stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, special education assistants, youth-care works, or peers) learn how to better support, or be an advocate to ensure every child can read.
Our integrity holds us to look at the data, both quantitative and qualitative, and not forgetting that an individual’s success is in the balance. We learn from our struggles and our successes and through that we invoke change that is purposeful.
Betty Gilbert Middle School’s Action plan focuses on literacy across all subject areas so transitions from grade to grade and from school to school are successful and meaningful.

Collaboration Questions at BGMS

How do we provide social/emotional support for students inside the classroom (ie. safe haven) from problems that arise from them being ‘plugged in’.
This could have a profound affect on students emotional well being for their latter years; how do we provide an intervention that leads to a necessary shift?
How do we foster student ownership of learning in our classrooms?
How can we implement additional strategies to increase student engagement with reading materials/texts/passages?
How does collaborative community based learning increase student engagement, and achievement?
How might an attachment-informed classroom impact student learning?
How can we improve students’ connection/sense of belonging to the BGMS community?
Can we improve student’s personal accountability and community pride by creating student led activities for all students?
Will pulling together mental health resources in the district and community in order to develop ready made lessons plans that align with the BC Curriculum, help with understanding /reducing anxiety.

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