Student Responsibilities

Bullying and Harassment
Bullying or harassment in any form will result in students being held accountable for their actions and words, and being subject to school discipline. These two terms are defined as:

Bullying: is any single act of intimidation, threatening, put downs, making fun of another person or persons. It is also defined as an individual imposing his/her will on another person through intimidation or violence. It consists of an individual or group acting or speaking aggressively or disrespectfully towards another individual or group due to a perceived imbalance of power.

Harassment: are repeated incidents of bullying. Reports on school-occurring bullying or harassment should IMMEDIATELY come to administrators from students, eyewitnesses, parents or staff members. School District Policy #7200 provides forms and a process for victims or witnesses to report on the harassment, and put this report into a documented official complaint for investigation.

Closed Campus
BGMS will be a closed campus; that is no one will be allowed to leave the school premises after arriving in the morning unless they have a note from a parent. Also, no high school students will be allowed on site unless first going to the office to identify themselves.

Individual classroom teachers will determine if gum chewing is allowed in their classroom. Gum chewing will not be allowed in common areas such as hallways, the library, gym, multipurpose, or music rooms.

Hats and Hoods
Hats and hoods are allowed however, individual classroom teachers at BGMS will determine whether hats are allowed to be worn within their classroom setting. Hats and hoods are to be taken off during assemblies.

Students will be expected to use appropriate language for a school setting, both inside the building and outside. Therefore swearing, disrespectful, homophobic, or racist language, either verbal or written, will not be tolerated at any time. Students may expect immediate consequences for use of improper language.

We do not have a cafeteria, so students will eat lunch in their classrooms, sitting at their desks. Students will eat before going outside. Calm inside behaviour is expected during the 10 minute eating period.

Personal Technology
All personal technology such as cell phones and iPods are to remain in the students’ lockers from the time they arrive at school until the time they leave. This means they will not be taken out at recess or lunchtime. Any student using their phone during school time will be asked to bring it to the office for safekeeping until the end of the day. Subsequent offences will lead to longer periods without their device.

Physical Contact
‘Hands and feet to yourself’ will govern our behaviour. This means no tackle football, rough play or play fighting. A simple hug when greeting someone is acceptable, but displays of affection such as kissing or extended hugging are not.

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